August 16, 2022

Redid the code back to regular html with javascript includes just to make it a bit more resilient and server independent. Added the VCD cover and fixed the existing links which were still pointing to a server IP address from the year 2000. Changed the movie page to link to the Youtube streams.

Added a Cards section for some A.I. Art I made.

August 3, 2005

Three years later.......Anyway, I found the OLD Six-aces flash based site, which I abandoned due to it being a pain to update, and reposted it. It has some trivia too which is interesting. That site can be found here: Old Site

Also we plan to remake Six Aces with our better camera and skills etc... Probably next summer. Hopefully this will be good!

August 31, 2002

I just watched 'Blue Potato 3' last night and there was a reference to Six Aces. During a card game, one of the characters puts down a hand of..., yes, six aces. I'm not sure if the character playing this got the reference, but the director must have been inspired to some degree.
January 5, 2000

The upload situation seems to be fixed. I guess @home knows what they're doing after all. So I took the opportunity to encode the movie and post it on the movies page.
December 29, 2000

The cover of the movie and soundtrack are now in the images section. Enjoy. I still have to encode the movie. Uploading is slow, but it works finally.
December 26, 2000

The movie is done. I'm going to encode it in ASF, but my cable seems to not want to let me upload anything over 12k so who knows when it will be online.
December 21, 2000

The movie should be done tomorrow, I'll try to get the ASF's encoded and up soon after. New images in the Insane, Silly, OnSet, Agent, and Apparition screenshots.
December 15, 2000

The main battle between the agent&survivalist and the demo&robot is done. Came out pretty well. The tale end of the movie is done as well as gathering the best bloopers. There are some veryy good ones. More filming tommorow and Sunday.
November 20, 2000

We got a five minute war scene done in one day, with 6 crazy people. Amazing. So head on over to the screenshots page and check out the new stuff. Action, On the Set, Pyro and SHane Blair have all been updated. Now stop buggin me John.
November 15, 2000

Totally new design. The flash was just getting too cumbersome to update and the files sizes were insane. This format should be fairly easy to maintain and navigate, so go forth and browse.
October 25, 2000

Day 1 is done. It's all compiled into one neat little avi file, save for the music. Day 0 will be done once I fix the into sequence. Now just to finish Day 2, 3 and 4.

One more pic of Theo Folio is up, I found it hanging around my HD for some reason. And some of the muzzle flashes.

October 16, 2000

Good progress this weekend. Two pic of the agent are up in the media section, so check them out. Also I added two trailers which are located on and can be reached through the media section as well. Their servers are pretty fast so you should be able to stream it if your connection is xDSL/Cable+
October 9, 2000

A couple scenes have been completed this weekend. More pictures are up in the media section of the agent, shane blair, the robot, action, and silly.
September 17, 2000

Mucho more filming today. Finally got the final actress over and wrapped up the first half of the movie, save minor tweaking. We redid the poker scene, so you can see AND hear it now. And we got the whole neightborhood to think there was a child screaming and they all came running down to help, but it was only a grass whistle, haha.

Manchestor and silly pix are up in the media section.

September 3, 2000

A little more filming today. The evidence of this is up in the media section.
August 26, 2000

New pix are up for Insane Guy, Agent, Survivalist, Silly stuff, and on the set. All in the media section.
August 25, 2000

More filming today. Survivalist/Agent Stuff vs. The insane guy. Not bad for one day. Pix up soon.
August 19, 2000

We've been doing mostly computer editing for the last week. Hopefully filming will resume soon. Vacations have been occuring as well, so that has put a stall on some aspects of the movie. But in good news, we may have an opportunity to get the final actress over to do some scenes, and then we can rest easier, knowing there won't be as many plot holes.
I hope.
I moved the bios stuff to the media page since it fit better there. Then I started re-doing the bios page with actual bios. Only four are up at the moment, more to come.
August 2, 2000

A two hour filming session occued today. We knocked over some more trees, blew more stuff up and watched clips from Survivor.
Screenshots will be in the bios section soon enough.

Update: They are up now . Enjoy.

July 29, 2000

Scenes of Manchestor looking at his new house and recruiting the agent. A few scenes of Theo Folio were thrown in as well. Finally check out this picture.
July 23, 2000

We got some random mansion shots. The same one used in the True Lies, Arnold Shrawtzanęgr (sp?) movie. Then we got some footage of Shane Blair cruising in his 96 Saab Convertible, and recuiting his two players.
July 22, 2000

Ok time for a media update. The bios page has new pics for the survivalist and demolitions expert. A new page has been added for the robot/cyborg and some fun pics of pyrotechnics. Check out the new clip on the media page as well, hehe.
July 16, 2000

Filming resumed today and with a new cast member, Steve. He will be the robot/cyborg. We knocked over some trees, blew some stuff up and had a great time doing it. Oh yeah, we filmed a scene or two as well.
July 10, 2000

New design for the site. I made it independent of Decemberized due to some request. This is more fun anyway.
July 9, 2000

More out takes. These were from our dubbing of the card scene. Some are weird, some are good. Most will confuse you. Head to the Media page for downloads.
July 2, 2000

Some out takes are on the media page. When recording the sunset scene we goofed around and tried to annoy the whole neighborhood by making grass whistle and making them as loud as possible. This annoyed them and I'm sure it will annoy you.